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We gather everything our “furry” families need in one place.

We provide services on our platform

For private persons

We have gathered different services that you as a cat or dog owner might need one single platform. You will find veterinaries, doggy day-cares, cat sitters, spas, groomers, behaviour specialists, animal transports and much more.  

By signing up to our platform you can easily find all the services available in your area, read about the companies, get notifications about discounts and find all contact information needed.

So sign up and be a lucky cat and dog owner through our community today.

For suppliers and companies

We are an agency that brings cat and dog owners together. On our platform we gather services and products from companies that are relevant to cat and dog owners.

Advertising can be both expensive and difficult so we provide an alternative where you and your company can advertise campaigns while reaching out to customers within the right business category. You can easily design ads and send notifications with discounts directly to those customers who are interested in your services.

So sign up and become a member of our community today.


Services for private persons and suppliers and companies

Services for cat and dog owners

By signing up you’ll automatically get access to all services in your area through a map and you’ll get notifications about different discounts and campaigns directly from connected companies.

You’ll find everything from veterinaries and trainers to groomers and pet stores.


Become a cat or dog sitter

If you purchase our NERD package you may attend our online course and become a cat or dog sitter for Lucky Cats & Dogs without any additional costs. 

about our community

 As a Nerd member, you can see other Nerd members and send friend requests to them. If you enter your Facebook and / or Instagram profile, members can also follow you there. You can increase your followers on instagram and you can follow other cat or dog accounts. You can chat with each other at Lucky Cats & Dogs and you can contact each other to find a dog walker friend or a date with another Nerd who loves animals just like you. There are no limits to what community members can do together.


For companies, organizations and breeders we provide three different packages.

“Large” is a package for companies and requires an organisation number.

“Medium” is a package for non-profit organizations, associations and registered breeders of cats
and dogs. In our “Medium” package you might either use an organization number or a link to your website to be showed in your profile. It is only registered breeders with “Medium” package who may sell cats and dogs on our community.

“Small” is an unofficial package where all relevant companies and organizations listed on Google automatically will get. You can always change your membership to the “Small” package.

Meet a “nerd” member

“It simplifies everyday life for me”

“Lucky Cats & Dogs helps us two-legged to keep track of everything needed to take care of our four-legged family members in the best way. I’m in Lucky Cats & Dogs because it simplifies everyday life for me due to there are so much information gathered in one place and through their network I can become a better and wiser cat owner.”


LOTTA RYDSTRÖM, Thebengalcircus at Instagram

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Packages for private persons

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Packages for companies, organizations, associations and breeders

Companies who purchase the “Large” package will be able to create ads and send notifications to members within their branch. Organizations and associations as well as breeders who purchase the “Medium” package may advertise their services for members within a 100 km radius. Adoption agencies, dog rescue centre, cat rescue centre and registered breeders are the only ones who may advertise to sell or reposition cats and dogs. Registered breeders need to have an active website as well as breeder’s certificate.

All companies and organizations featured on Lucky Cats & Dogs map have automatically been given the “Small” package”.


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